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MORENO BHLV® Award Winning California Sparkling Wine is the creation of Luins and Maureen Williams of Premier Label Water Co; pioneers and innovators of custom label bottled water since 1992. PLWC was the first to apply Swarovski Elements to a beverage bottle; that package won the 2007 Glass Package Institute of America “Clear Choice Award” for the non alcoholic category. It was at the urging of their Las Vegas Casino and California customers that they expanded their line to include a California Sparkling Wine adorned with Swarovski Elements, MORENO BHLV “The Beverage of Celebration”. 


Photo by Shai Davie/Photos By Shai

AnestasiA Vodka is an exquisite small batch vodka that’s hand crafted using the silky soft water of Bend, Oregon and sweet corn from the Pacific Northwest. Distilled 5x and filtered 5x, AnestasiA Vodka™ has a breathtakingly smooth finish that’s earned a remarkable eight gold medals.


Inspired by a fierce commitment to true originality, Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. has formed a partnership with Leon Hendrix, brother of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. This partnership has yielded a planned premium portfolio of alcohol beverage products inspired by the numerous titles of classic Jimi Hendrix songs, which are among the most famous in rock history by an artist many consider the most gifted instrumentalist ever. The partnership’s first Hendrix-inspired product is Purple Haze Liqueur, a 34-proof concoction of vodka, cognac and fresh and exotic berries that is sure to meet the demands and expectations of today’s discerning consumers. 

Photo by Shai Davie/Photos By Shai